Crevice Creams

So, you know, as you get older, you have deeper and deeper crevices. Don’t shake your head, “NO!”

You have a crevice, somewhere. Your belly crevice can be the deepest. So, there are good remedies for crevice dryness.

My favorite is a mixture of coconut oil and shea butter. Mmmmmm, so smooth and silky are my crevices.

Other good remedies are:

CVS Health Hydrating Healing Ointment with CVS Baby Powder with Cornstarch.

Forget Gold Bond Friction or Powder. They don’t work. Do use Equate Hemorrhoidal Pads.

Rugby Skin Protectant Zinc Oxide Ointment USP applied with cotton pads and Zeasorb-AF for athlete’s foot but it works in small crevices, too.

Every senior should have Arnicare Gel that can be used for every part of the body for pain and stiffness.

Finally, the ad for Voltaren Arthritis Pain Cream is TRUE. It works!

Moving on up!

This morning, I awoke knowing that I am in the lap of luxury, right now, at High Point! I’m packing to move to my homestead in North Carolina by May 30th. This has been a beautiful place to live, only minutes from the Atlantic Ocean. But it is time to stop paying other people’s mortgage and concentrate on building my own estate. I am excited, yet apprehensive, happy, yet concerned that I will need to adjust to living in the country, where all the amenities of a city do not exist. But there’s land, forest, water, electricity, sewage, and sunshine. I will persist and rise!

I will plant my aloe, philodendron, vegetables, and flowers.

Urban Gardens

In my Speech Communication class, one student discussed urban gardens and the benefits to our communities, children, and health. Urban gardening is not well-known but many of us live in parts of the city where there is little access to natural, fresh, and nutritional fruits and vegetables.

As a group-based, common occupation, gardening may provide a complementary approach in stroke rehabilitation” (Patil, et al, 2019, p. 17). “The traditional herbal medicine is a shield that acts as a weapon against the attack of any kind of virus. In India, the coronavirus infection does not impact much as compared to western countries” (Shendarkar, 2016).