Summer of 2021

Vaccinated with a credit card in hand, I ventured to Spain and Switzerland in search of the cover stories for our two publications I got several stories and wonderful photographs. The downside with traveling was COVID-19. Even with proof of vaccination, each country – Spain, Switzerland, and the USA had different requirements to enter the country. The train ride between Barcelona and Madrid was comfortable enough. However, the train car for the first leg was a long walk from the escalator. You have to read your ticket to know where you are sitting in Spain, whereas, in Switzerland, you sit in 1st or 2nd class wherever you wish. Spain was hot and air-conditioning is not the norm. Discomfort was inevitable because the Airbnb’s were not as comfortable to sleep in. Four of the five beds were uncomfortable. The bathrooms were tight with slippery tubs and no handrails to hold on to, which is not very safe for mature travelers.

In Spain, the menus are about the same most places. However the cost of a meal varies, sometimes widely. There are several Chinese, Japanese, and Thai Restaurants to be found. Parking is tight and can be expensive the closer you are to the center of the city. Switzerland is expensive. The price of a train ride for two to three hours is CH148 ($162) for 2nd Class. A taxi is EU20 ($23) – 40 ($43), depending on where you catch it. A salad, sandwich, and beverage can cost upwards of $30.


Meanwhile, back to school for Fall semester.