Dr. Joan Cartwright is a renowned veteran of the Jazz and Blues stage for 40+ years.  She is a vocalist, composer, and author of 14 books, including her memoir, touring and teaching experiences in 20 countries, poetry, women in music, and the business of music available at www.lulu.com/spotlight/divajc. Her titles include Amazing Musicwomen, So You Want To Be A Singer? and A History of African American Jazz and Blues with interviews with Quincy Jones, Dewey Redman, Lester Bowie, and other noted Jazz musicians and aficionados.  Joan holds a B.A. in Music and Communication from LaSalle University, in Philadelphia, PA; an M.A. in Communications from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL, and she is a Doctor of Business Marketing from Northcentral University, AZ. She taught Public Speaking at Palm Beach State College and other institutions since 2016. At SUNY Old Westbury, she teaches Music and Media.

In 2007, Joan founded Women in Jazz South Florida, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to promote women musicians, globally. In 2016, WIJSF released its 6th CD of female composers. Joan hosts an Internet radio show MUSICWOMAN Radio, featuring women who compose and perform their own music.  Joan has two personal CDs – Feelin’ Good and In Pursuit of a Melody.  She has performed and lectured around the nation and the world. She is a featured actor in Last Man and The Siblings, two sitcoms produced online by www.mjtvnetwork.info. In 2014, Joan was honored as the first Lady Jazz Master by www.bwijawards.com.  Visit www.wijsf.org and www.joancartwright.com

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Dr. Joan Cartwright is a true “Modern Missionary in the World of Music”.  She is aiming for a great deal and devoting hours of her life to achieving her goals while aspiring to success and significance for other women.  She wants to do something truly original for all the women composers, songwriters, and creators of music in her network while reaching out to new audiences whether these be children, the elderly or those that society often forgets.  She is above all set on underlining that human values are what drive her to achieve empowerment and gender mainstreaming for Women in Music. She and her organization have worked with our Foundation and are also a part of our International Honour Committee, recognized by UNESCO’s International Musics Council. ~ Patricia Adkins-Chiti, Fondazione Adkins-Chiti: Donne in Musica, Rome, Italy

Dr. Diva Joan Cartwright

A graduate of Northcentral University in Arizona, in July 2017, Joan is a Doctor of Business Administration/Marketing.  Visit Joan’s website – www.joancartwright.com

See Joan’s Books – www.lulu.com/spotlight/divajc


Kristen Elizabeth Long shared a page on July 2, 2015 – In the spirit of celebrating those who embody the phrase “The Body I Was Born To Be In” I am spotlighting one person a day, until the single is officially released, who represent, to me, someone living as their most honest and true self. And killing it in the meantime! Today I choose Diva Joan Cartwright. If you want to put it simply, Joan is a brilliant jazz singer who has performed with many of the greats. But there’s nothing simple about her, as she is so much more than that. Joan is a fervent advocate for women in music. She has spearheaded such organizations as Women in Jazz South Florida, Inc., has a podcast featuring women in music, and puts out a monthly newsletter promoting the gigs/releases/events of the members of WIJSF. I first met Joan when I worked at Laffing Matterz in Fort Lauderdale. She sang at the piano and I was in awe. She then complimented me on my singing and encouraged me to keep it up. Not long after, she showed up at one of my gigs at Blue Jean Blues. I was so humbled and grateful that she chose to come to see me perform. Whether she even knew it or not, those interactions gave me the boost in confidence I needed to take the plunge and start Long Lost Friend, with the drummer Walt Brewer. Several years later Joan graciously had me as a guest on her podcast to talk about The Journey: A New Indie Musical, the musical created from the music of Long Lost Friend and my other compositions, when we were mounting our first concert production with Outre Theatre Company in Boca Raton, and in those 30 minutes she promoted the show, encouraged me and my efforts in music and theatre and educated me on some other facets of the business that I’d been lacking in. Joan Cartwright’s voice is a powerful one. She knows who she is, she owns who she is, she thrives in who she is, and she empowers others through who she is. And, I, for one, am honored to know her.
Jazz, Blues, Reggae, World, Classical
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