Dr. Joan Cartwright’s Books

  1. In Pursuit of a Melody (2006) 978-0-557-53705-1
  2. Songs for my Children (2011) 978-0557012985
  3. Rhythms of the Heart (2011) 978-1435756144
  4. The Moon, Sun Showers, Rainbows, and Whipped Cream Clouds (2011) 978-0557013029
  5. GaiaMind Poems (2011) 978-0557037315
  6. Joan Cartwright Song Book (2011) 978-0557044542
  7. A History of African American Jazz & Blues (2011) 978-0557060108
  8. Amazing Musicwomen (2014) 978-0557037322
  9. So, You Want To Be Singer? (2014) 978-0557033249
  10. Odyssey of Forever (2014) 9781312149892
  11. Chicken Gumbo for Teachers: Diary of a Mad Teacher (2017) 9781365894268
  12. Women in Jazz: Music Publishing and Marketing (2017) 978-1365871238
  13. Blues Women: The First Civil Rights Workers (2018) 978-1387512478
  14. Finding Work for Black PhDs in the Academy (2019) TBA

1wij music pub and marketing

After six years of study, my doctoral dissertation is now available for the world to read.

Cartwright, J. (2017). Women in jazz: Music publishing and marketing (Order No. 10265410). Available from ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global; ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global: The Humanities and Social Sciences Collection. (1894606316). Retrieved from

Also, it is for sale at

And now, here’s my 14th Book


Recently, I published my 14th book, Blues Women: The First Civil Rights Workers. Although it is a tiny book, it is packed with information about 10 powerful women who brought the Blues genre to the attention of millions of Americans. At a time when Africans in America were subjected to Jim Crow laws that further degraded their existence, women like Mamie Smith, Gertrude “Ma” Rainey, and Bessie Smith stood their ground on stages across the nation, bringing joy and entertainment to thousands of people, white and black. Their songs are current, today, and their message of the upliftment of the human spirit helped to raise the consciousness of a nation that was built on the backs of their ancestors. Buy this book at

Papers: Conscious Inclusion of Women Musicians

Media:  InterviewsMusicwoman Radio

Conscious Inclusion of Women Musicians is published at Versita. I’m working on being published in journals. This is my second published work. The first one is 1993 in IAJE Research Journal – The Sign of The Blues, which is the first of 3 essays in my book A History of African American Jazz and Blues. The other two essays in this book are (2) Jazz: The Unmasked Rhetoric and (3) The Cultural Politics of Commercial Jazz.

   Songs For My Children  A manual for up-and-coming Divas, Composers and Musicians

Hardcover: $34.99 – Ships in 6-8 business days.

Three essays and interviews with photographs by author and musician Joan Cartwright about the creation of blues in America by Africans captured for servitude on Euro-American plantations over a span of 400 years.

Download the PDF

eBook (PDF): $24.99

Download immediately.


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